Stamped Products Inc | SPI COVID-19 INFORMATION
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All information related to SPI’s operational schedule due to COVID-19 will be updated here.

UPDATED — on Friday, 5/1/2020 @ 3:30PM
*SPI is calling back a “limited number” of employees to return to work on 5/4/2020. This is based on current customer requirements. Employees that are being called back at this time will have new starting times and must enter SPI at the Steel Receiving gate & follow the Social Distancing Arrangement that is set up in that area & remain there until told to proceed to their work area. *** You cannot enter earlier than 7 mins before your starting shift time. ***

If you have not been called to return to work then please continue to file for your unemployment as stated below.  
*YOU WILL NEED TO FILE FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS with the State of Alabama for these week:

3/30 thru 4/5, 4/6 thru 4/12, 4/13 thru 4/19/2020 & 4/20//2020 thru 4/26/2020 & 4/27 thru 5/3/2020 & 5/4/2020 thru 5/10/2020 *
Employees MUST ANSWER THEIR PHONES & BE AVALIABLE to return to SPI for work when called to return.*

*Employees that do not report back to work will be counted as absent from work *

*We will report to the state that you have been recalled to work & put your return to work date on your employment claim.
**SPI encourages you to continue with social distancing as is recommended *

FYI — REGARDING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS  If you do not get through to the State of Alabama either by your phone or via online  regarding your Unemployment Benefits, please do the following: Email them the following information (or as much as you have) about your claim.

Your Name, Week of claim, Picture of your call log, reason you could not get through, picture of what the State Website said when you were denied.

 Your contact Info (phone #, Last 4 numbers of your SS # & Your Mother’s Maiden name.  Email it all to  be ready when they call you back to answer any other questions they might have. (Meaning have your phone charged and answer it. ***If you still are denied after this, you can tell them you want to appeal your claim. ***

Also you can use the state Unemployment tracker below.