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Our Services

Stamped Products Inc

Stamped Products Incorporated is a manufacture in the Automotive Industry for metal stamping and welded assemblies. SPI Supplies high quality, competitively priced and on time delivery of all our customers products.

Small and Medium Metal Stamping

Stamped Products has a wide range of stamping presses from transfer presses, progressive presses, and hand transfer lines. SPI’s long history as a metal stamping facility has continued to evolve with new materials such as high strength and dual phase materials, stainless, and aluminum.

Key Assets

  • Presses that range from 100 – 660 ton
  • Progressive with servo feeders with feed width up to 60″ & bed sizes up to 144″ x 60″
  • Servo transfer press of 660 ton – 181″ x 72″
  • Hand transfer tandem line.

Robotic Welding

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  • Honda
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Hyundai
  • Kia Motors


  • KTH – Leesburg
  • Sewon
  • Unipress
  • Smart Alabama LLC
  • Inteva Products
  • Dongwon
  • Rainsville Technology
  • Greenville Technology
  • Flex-N-Gate
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